"...Samia Goudie is a leading Goorie thinker, writer and director. Her proposed documentary film looking at self-harm in our communities is not just wanted and keenly anticipated, it is sorely needed. I am very excited by the prospect of being involved in a Goorie-led initiative like this. Samia’s film will be good medicine for our mob, and, I hope, one of the many paths which we take forward into our future of healing and joy. It will help us to remember that our ancestors want us to be happy. "

Melissa Lucashenko
Poet & Award Winning Novelist
6th August 2016


Melissa Lucashenko is an award winning Goori -Australian writer of adult literary fiction and literary non-fiction.

 Born: 1967, Brisbane

"...I want to support the Good Medicine Projects crowdfunding project to bring more awareness to the issue of trauma and the journey we all take in finding our own pathways out of trauma or of learning to live with trauma.  Trauma is such a personal journey. We all learn to handle it our own way."

Richard I. Frankland
Filmmaker, Musician and Activist
14 June 2016

"...I think it is really important to try to connect and heal those suffering, trauma and mental health issues, especially in Indigenous Australians because suicide rates are substantially higher in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people. It’s almost double the rate compared to non Indigenous people according to the Australian Bureau Of Statistics....I feel I can speak from experience as I myself have suffered from high functioning Anxiety & Depression. For a long time I felt lost, no one to talk to as you feel no one will understand. From a young child I always used music for an outlet, as I got older life has more demands. Now with a family of my own, it can be really hard to function a normal life “as they would say”. I believe in talking to somebody, there you can really underline what you may need. If it requires medication i believe in that too. Medication does not make you any weaker or less of a person. The fact your recognizing your own hurt/problem makes you stronger. It’s making that decision in your head makes way for instant change. I believe in the Power Of Thought too, Because at the end of the day you're the one in control. The best thing i ever did was “ Talk About It”, as Indigenous people of Australia we go through a lot & so do the children. Knowing that somebody understands can be so much weight off someones shoulder’s. I believe what Samia Goudie & her Team are doing is Perfect, exactly what it is, supporting good medicines, projects & a Film to really connect to the People. A lot of People can relate to this, find a sense of direction as many feel they don't know where to start. I’m hoping this shall bring Noise to Silent issue’s, people to feel hope again, smile again, live again. There's so many beautiful high’s and hurtful lows in Aboriginal Culture right now, we all need each other. We Are One, But We Are Many.”

                                                       Jessica King
7th September 2016